Mia Beth’s Nursery

Just wanted to show you the Doodlebug’s nursery.
The fabric is — my fave and the most common fabric in my house — linen.  The colors: tan and ecru.   We modified the pattern a little bit on the ties because I wanted them to be long enough to tie bows.
 dscf1705 dscf1686 dscf1715 dscf1713 dscf1679 dscf1668
The detail in the crib is beautiful.  It’s a sleigh crib with solid ends.  It’s creamy in color and lightly distressed.  The best part about it was that I bought it at a fraction of the retail price because I bought it used.  I added two baskets.  I use them to store blankets, etc. in.
Other details in her room…
dscf0502 dscf0496 dscf0484 dscf0480 dscf0493