Shepherd’s Sunroom Nursery

We decided to create a space for Shepherd in the little (or not so little) sun room that attached to our master bedroom.  We have since moved from this house and I really miss this sweet space.  It was my happy place before and after baby Shep came along.  We set up the crib and armoire, but didn’t really start on the nursery until after he was born.  It was very hard to photograph the room seeing that it is long and narrow.  One wall is nothing but windows, one wall door to master bedroom, one wall crib, and one wall double pocket doors to the den. So you enter the sunroom via the den as shown, and master bedroom door is to the left.


Our rocker/glider had seen it’s day and been thorough two babies already.  So, we turned this Ikea slipcover chair into a rocker/glider by removing the glider hardware and adding it to this chair.


Beyond our rocker, next to the master bedroom door, I used the tiny wall space to house books and special pictures. Since the day Shep was born, I’ve sang Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons” to him, so the Bless the Lord print was a must. In addition is a shadow box with his tiny preemie size baby hat and a water color painting gifted from his big sister!

dsc_8925 dsc_8929 dsc_8931

I really wanted to keep things simple since it was such a small space.  I used this side table vs. a side table with drawer to keep it feeling open with lots of natural light. But, my side table is where I house all my nursing pads, etc. So, I hid a tiny basket behind a big frame…

dsc_8957 dsc_8956 dsc_8960 dsc_8969 dsc_8970

The armoire you may remember from Jack’s nursery.  It used to have fabric hanging in door, but I was over that fabric and wanted something more boy-ish.  JT installed the metal sheets to paint white, but after seeing them in we decided to leave the metal as is. And of course it needed a fresh coat of paint.

dsc_8991 dsc_8993 dsc_8994

This was really the only place I had to store things since the room has no closet.

dsc_8943 dsc_8944 dsc_8945 dsc_8948

The crib was an old Jenny Lind crib that belonged to my mom.  We painted it and kept it simple. No bumpers this time!  I know, who am I! (wink wink)



We had a delivery room surprise so I made name banners with our boy and girl name to put on the hospital bassinet.  I hung it on the crib when we arrived home, but as you can see he started grabbing it once he got a little older and bending it.  I took it off once he was older.



Other little special touches to the room…

dsc_9015 dsc_9014 dsc_8971 dsc_8941


I made a cloud mobile for over the crib.  It originally had hot air balloons on it too, but they kept falling off, so I left them off and added more clouds.

dsc_8910 dsc_8914 dsc_8915 dsc_8916

Next the the crib, some little shelves for special pictures and keepsakes, including some blocks I made for the nursery and for play later.

dsc_8962 dsc_8917 dsc_8919

I loved how this space turned out and oh how I miss it!




One thing I loved most was that I could peek in the doors from the den and see him sleeping….



white chair: Ikea

floor pouf: Homegoods

side table: Homegoods

white rug: Target

crib paint color: Revere Pewter

blanket: TJ Maxx

white shelves: Target

“S” metal letter: Hobby Lobby

block and mobile: made by me

basket: Target

curtains and rod: Target

throw pillow: Pottery Barn Kids

child chair: Hobby Lobby

wall paint color: White Dove