Officially Starting Our Adoption Journey

The Lord laid it on our hearts to adopt internationally and in May 2012 we started praying for a little girl in China that we knew the Lord had already picked out just for our family.  We named her Grace and prayed for her by name.  Although it seemed impossible at the time due to many struggles our family was facing financially, we believed Him and held tight to His promises.  Shortly after we starting praying for Grace, we “met” a family in China that foster Chinese foster children.  We fell in love with a little girl in their home.  Time and time again, God supernaturally showed us how our lives and hearts connected us to this little girl and her foster family.  We believe that this is little girl is ours and are now stepping out in faith to pursue her in adoption.  Due to the nature of the process, we are unable to share publicly her name, her specific location in China, or any other information.  We will certainly share with the world how God weaved our story with hers as soon as we’re able.

We have been asked is if we will still adopt if we are unable to adopt “her”.  The answer is yes.  We believe with all our heart we are called to adopt from China specifically.  We also believe that God has connected us with her in a very special way that only He can. We want her in OUR arms more than anything!  We pray and believe that she will be in our arms one day soon.  If for any reason He does not bring us to each other, and she goes to be with another family, we will still praise His holy name.  We will praise not only because she has a forever family, but the family God chose to put her with.  We just want the best for her and pray the Lord’s will for her life.

We feel unbelievably blessed that we have been chosen to walk this path and are so grateful to have your support.  If you choose to financially support us, the money will go directly to our adoption agency and it will go towards our international adoption costs.  But, whether it be financial support of just standing in agreement in prayer with us for her to be home, we are blessed to have you supporting us and to Him be the glory.

We can’t wait for the day when we can share our daughter’s face with you and just how God brought us together. Until then, thank you and God bless you.  We plan to post our journey as well as more information and answers to faq’s on our blog.  We’re truly humbled of how He has shown us favor, provided for us, answered our prayers, blessed our obedience, shown us grace, opened our eyes, and broken our hearts for what breaks His.  We are believing for many more miracles as we grow our family through the miracle of adoption.

Blessings, The Moore Family


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