The Oils.

If you’re new, you’ll want to read the first two blog posts I wrote on my clean eating and oil journey:

Post #1 – If You’re A Woman, You’ll Want To Read This Post #2 – The Plan.

I left off by saying that I was going to share with you a few things we must remember to kick food intolerance in the rear. Below are somethings — a combo of JJ Virgin’s tips from her book (see previous post) and my own revelations. Then, I’m going to share with you about the oils! Buckle up! There’s a lot of good info in this post!  I’ve tried to keep it organized and easy to read.

Things we must do and must remember:

*** STOP COUNTING CALORIES *** “Your body is not a savings bank or a calorimeter. It’s a chemistry lab.” – JJ Virgin We must remember that the source of calories matters more than the calories. Even moderate intake of foods that are a problem for your body will set you up for just more weight gain. I have found this to be SO true for me. I was frustrated beyond words when I started a journey a while back in which I replaced meals with a very, VERY nutritious shake. I didn’t lose ANY weight. And I was even exercising! The problem? The shakes had soy in them. I have a food intolerance to soy and I was drinking it every day!

*** NO MORE MODERATION *** “Moderation doesn’t work….if you want to  get that extra weight off [and feel better], you have to heal your body’s chemistry.” – JJ Virgin We’ve heard it our whole lives… can eat anything, as long as you eat it in moderation. This doesn’t work for me. And chances are, if you’ve struggled with cramping, acne/rosacea, ADD, Asthma, brain fog, chronic stuffy nose, congestion, constipation, dark circles under eyes, depression, eczema, fatigue, cravings, gas/bloating, headaches, moodiness, and the list could go on — this may not work for you either.

*** FOOD IS INFORMATION *** “…food isn’t just calories or fat grams or even a source of energy, food is  information. Each bite of food that you put into your mouth send your body a message – maybe even several messages.” – JJ Virgin Most diets will tell you that all calories are equal. That is just not so. Three different foods can have the exact same number of calories, but send your body three totally different messages.

*** WE MUST STOP PUTTING CHEMICALS IN OUR BODIES *** I plan to write several posts on different things I used to put into my body that are full of chemicals. These posts are in the works already and I’m continuing my research on what chemicals are in what and what these chemicals are. Stay tuned! But, in a nut shell, this is what I’ve done…my journey to a chemical free body and replace my medicine cabinet with essential oils….

– I got rid of caffeine. I know. You hate me. My journey, not the gospel. I’ve never been a huge caffeine drinker anyway, but in the past six months I begin using. That’s right. I use the word *using* because that is just what I did. Whether we like it or not, caffeine IS a drug and we’re the users. Some people may say it doesn’t effect them. It does, but they have different tolerances to different things. I can guarantee this: If a daily caffeine drinker gave it up for 30 days — detoxed their body from it — and then added it back — it’d be rough. Then, and only then, would they see the effects it has on their body. Not saying you must give up caffeine, but I did. My doctor once told me that he never understood how he was supposed to help women who have lots of headaches if they weren’t willing to give up caffeine.

— I started eating antibiotic free food It’s self explanatory…if we’re putting foods in our body that have been pumped up with antibiotics, then we’re also putting those antibiotics into our body. I plan to do a whole post on this as well as share recipes and brands.

— I started using essential oils as an alternative form of therapy and medicine. I’m so excited to share this part with you. I told you how my journey started in my first post. Now, I want to continue and show you the oils and how I use them.

T H E  O I L S

What brand do you use? I use Young Living and they are the only brand I’d recommend to anyone.

Why Young Living? Because they have a “Seed to Seal” guarantee. They set the standard for purity. They carefully monitor every step of the process to ensure the purity of each essential oil.  This tells me that coming from a company that has been in business for over 20 years (and is growing by leaps and bounds), that the oils are safe to use on myself and my family. Above all of this, I’ve experienced great results and have witnessed complete wellness in friends and family due to the oils.

Did you ask your doctor before using? Yes, I did. Like I said before, he is a D.O. and has a more Holistic approach to healing his patients. He knew about the oils, he had experience in using them, and he was all for it! But be warned….most doctors have not been trained in oils at all and to put it in my doctor’s words “If they’re not up on it, they’re down on it”.   Ultimately, these are God’s plants that HE created. He gives us everything we need for our bodies in the earth. I strongly encourage you to ask God what He wants you to do for your health, use wisdom and discernment, and do what the Lord tells you. He alone is the Great Physician!

How do you use the oils? The different methods of using oils:

TOPICAL USE v1.2  _____________________________________________________________________________________________



  INTERNAL USE v1.2   The FDA has approved many of YL’s oils as GRAS (generally regarded as safe to ingest).   Ingestion isn’t always the best way to approach to a problem, but it’s safe. I say this with confidence because I’ve watched my friend’s husband get completely well for the first time in 17 years due to ingesting the oils. He had Crohn’s and ingestion was the only thing that worked for him. He’s been symptom free and pain free for the first time in over a decade. Supervised medicine was all his doctors gave him. His life was difficult and extremely painful. The Young Living oils are the only thing that has given him a new life and he is now finally starting to heal from all the meds he was on for years! I can’t say the same things for quote “essential oils” you might buy off the store shelves. They most likely will have fillers and/or chemicals and these should NOT be used like pure Young Living essential oils. That is why it’s very important that you do you own research and read every label. But, I can assure you that Young Living oils are safe!

Why oils anyway? Like I explained before in previous posts….we didn’t have insurance and I was desperate. Desperate to feel better. I couldn’t afford to keep going to the doctor and I couldn’t afford to stay on lots of meds (nor did I want to stay on lots of meds — I mean, have you ever heard the super fast speed talking portion of the end of drug commercials?!). It’s all in your perspective. My friend Lynn said it best: This is what the Lord is calling the church as a whole to….alternative medicine. With all the changes in health care, our country is going to have to change they way they take care of themselves…or *don’t* take care of themselves. It’s going to be harder and harder for next generations to get health care and we need to instill in them how to better take care of themselves. Just like everything else, it should start at home. I can only share my journey, but Know God brought the oils into my life just when I needed them and it started a really great healthy journey for me. It just makes sense to me. It’s God’s economy. That’s how He rolls. He provides everything we need. I started to only treat our anxiety and my son’s allergies. I quickly saw how God was offering relief for us financially while offering a great way to treat things without meds or side effects. God is good.

I couldn’t get one image to upload so I’m working on another post for tomorrow about the different oils!  Stay tuned!

More coming soon! I have LOVED getting all your comments, emails, FB messages, and texts! :)

Once Upon Our Life 2.28.14



One day a month.  No iphone.  Every hour.  Remembering our days together.  Documenting our life.  This month landed on a Friday again and Friday’s are usually pretty low key for us.  We do school (usually in our pj’s), but we are super laid back on Fridays.  This particular Friday, we stayed at home a lot, so most all of  the pics taken were at home.

8:00 am play time with the morning sun coming through the bedroom window.  See that white pony?  It’s a ‘he’ and his name  is Royalty.  She takes him EVERYWHERE these days.  Along with his Princess pony, the hot pink one. ;)

DSCF8486 (857x1280)

9:00 am play time still because I can’t put this book down so I’m laying in the kids’ bed reading.

DSCF8488 (1280x857)

10:00 is always snack time.  Not matter what we’re doing.  It’s usually Cheerios.

DSCF8489 (857x1280)

11:00 school time.

school time 2

12:00 making lunch while the kids play in the den.  He’s snatching up ponies and running with them….because he knows she doesn’t want him to touch her ponies.

DSCF8500 (1280x857)

1:00 quiet time, but on Friday’s it usually means extra screen time.

DSCF8502 (1280x857)

2:00 pm and he wants ANOTHER snack.  He hid in the pantry when he saw me coming with camera.

DSCF8503 (1280x857)

3:00 doll house play time.

doll house 2

4:00 looking at this sweet little baby that my friend Brooke had and sitting in Starbucks parking lot.  Going to have some time to myself for a little while.  Ahhhhh.

DSCF8520 (1280x857)

5:00 (or a little after) leaving Starbucks.

DSCF8523 (857x1280)

6:00 pm drive home from the store.

DSCF8529 (1280x857)

I didn’t take any other pictures after 6:00 pm.  I sort of forgot.  Shame on me.

The Plan.

(if you’re new or haven’t already, you may want to read this post first: If you’re a woman, you’ll want to read this.)

Although I’d say this journey started in January, it really started in November. I just didn’t know it was starting. My friend had given me these tiny little sample bottles of some oil. Supposedly very valuable stuff. I wasn’t very into hearing all about it, just desperate for something that could help with our depression, no motivation, stress. We didn’t have insurance at the time and we both rather not be on anti-depressants. In a short amount of time, I was posting this picture with this caption: “Thank you, Lynn. These tiny bottle = our lives changed.”


I attended my first essential oils class with Lynn and heard testimony after testimony about this stuff healing their children’s allergies. I know this was God’s way of  answering a prayer I had prayed for many months — a prayer for my son to not have to take allergy medicine every night. Yes, I’ll admit that it did sound a bit far fetched that night….So, you’re saying to rub this wonderfully smelling Lavender oil right on my son…near his face…and THIS will not give him an allergy attack. Yes, that’s not really the normal way a normal person would go about handling this. But guess what. I’m not normal. So, I started rubbing him down in Lavender. He can now go without taking his allergy meds, praise the Lord! I also have an amazing story of how it healed our seasonal flu, among many other things. They deserve their own blog post one day soon. In fact, I plan to do many blog posts on how you can replace all the meds in your medicine cabinet with essential oils and how they’ve helped just about every member of my family. But first I want to share with you the other part of this journey.

I went to see the family doctor I saw growing up. He’s a D.O. with a Holistic approach to treatment. You’ll want to look up the difference between a M.D. and D.O. since I won’t have time to explain here, but I will say that they see the patient as a person, not a disease. They want to take into consideration all aspects of the person’s life and are only interested in getting to the root of the real problem at hand and not just alleviating the symptoms and putting you on meds to “treat” them. I say all this to encourage you to find a D.O. or a doctor with a Holistic approach if you’re feeling frustrated and like your doctor just isn’t *hearing* you.

After spending a great deal of time asking me questions, a lot about what I ate, he suggested I start a new plan. A plan to kick food intolerance in the butt. The JJ Virgin plan.

JJ virgin book

Now before I go any further, I must say that I’m not a doctor. All of the information I’m about to share with you is from Dr. Virgin’s book, some in my own words.

Let me first explain that Food Intolerance (FI) is different that food *allergies*:

Food Allergies – very specific, one type of immune system response, usually very fast and very intense.

Food Intolerance (FI) – could be a pre-existing condition (you may have been born with it), may have produced it later in life, sometimes set off by stress or from eating the same thing too often.

1 corn 6

After Monday’s blog post, I got such a huge response via Facebook and text messages. One friend asked via text: “Is this a lifestyle change or just a diet program cause I need a major lifestyle change…”

Let me scream this from the roof tops…

diet lifestyle

I don’t do diet plans. In fact, I have no idea why the word “diet” is on the cover of this book. I will never, ever go back to my old lifestyle. In fact, I’m in the process of converting my husband and children! ;)

Diet plans tell you to eat the healthiest of foods….egg whites, veggie omelets, Greek non fat yogurt, low-calorie protein shakes, soy-based veggie burgers on whole grain bun. This is why I like ole Dr. JJ Virgin. She points out that these foods are actually what could be causing your bloating, weight gain, moodiness, irritability, and fatigue. She reveals the secret to loosing weight and guess what else….

It isn’t calories.
It isn’t fat.
It isn’t protein.
It isn’t calories.

new image

So I know…you’re super excited right now.  Aren’t you?


Me too. Me too.

Although I want to…and I would….I can’t type out the whole book. I highly suggest you go buy your own. You can thank me later. But, I will hit some high points and answer the most common questions I’ve gotten since Monday’s blog post:

1. Does your entire diet change?
Yes. It does. For the better. And trust me…I eat like a kid. I could seriously eat chicken nuggets or grilled cheese every night. And to top it off, I can’t cook.  My husband cooks. I know nothing about foods and how to prepare them. If I can do this, anyone can. I will say that my whole view of food and meals had to change, but that was for the better too. I guess I was desperate enough to try anything!

2. How do you use the essential oils? Do you put them in your food?
No, I do not. Although you could if you wanted to…but probably don’t want to. They are pretty strong. ;) I do put 1 drop of lemon in my water every morning. It helps with digestion and cravings. It makes the water taste good, too. More on the different oils I use and what they help heal in next blog post.

3. What foods did you have to give up?
These are the top 7 high food intolerance foods. I detoxed my body from ALL of these for 21 days so it could heal. Yesterday was day 21 for me. I will now add each one back one week at a time to see which ones my body can tolerate.


4. What in the world can I eat?!
I know. I know. I said the same thing. I asked my doctor the same thing! There are lots of things you can eat. And, if you just bear with me a little longer, I’m going to share my favorite recipes and the staples items that we will always have in our kitchen from now on!

5. How much weight have you lost? Isn’t is dangerous to lose weight so quickly?
My Dr. said he would never endorse anything that made you lose weight rapidly, but in this case it’s different. Because one or more of the 7 foods are actually *causing* you to gain weight and not be able to lose the weight (she touches on this in the’s VERY interesting).  She promises 7 pounds in 7 days. In fact, I did. I lost 1 pound per day for the first four days. On day 5, I weighed and had lost 3 pounds in one day! At the end of the 21 day detox, I had lost 11 pounds. And I haven’t felt this great in a loooong time. My skin looks AMAZING (thanks to the oils too!) and my hair ever looks healthier. Like most people, I thought that I wasn’t blessed with good “skinny” genes. I believed the lie that I could never have my body back after birthing and nursing 2 children. Now, I know what was causing the unhealthy body and how I can take action to take care of the body God blessed me with.

the more trouble

Tomorrow I’m going to share more about the plan and the few things you MUST learn to kick food intolerance in the butt with me. Who’s with me?! I love hearing from y’all!