Meet Hope

Hope is a chinese foster child at The Ark House foster home.  I’ve told you about my love and connection with this family before.  God laid it on my heart to advocate for them.  We are these children’s only voice in a world that tells them they are unwanted.  But, this little girl….she is pure HOPE.Today I want to introduce you to her.  Not just her name and picture, but her story.  She was in a fire accident as a very small infant and her legs were amputated.  She was left at a hospital all alone……

Until she was taken in by The Ark House foster home and given the name Hope!  Despite the fact that she has severe burn injuries and is missing half her legs, she really fights for her goals in life.  She “walks” around in her own little way and her special needs do not slow her down!

She is one of 13 foster children living at The Ark House.  She is in a much better place….living with “parents” that love and encourage her until she is adopted and goes to live with her “forever family”.  The Ark House operates on donations and “Rainbow Sponsors”.  Hope needs food (fruit, bread, noodles) as well as milk.  She has a nanny/caregiver that is paid by her foster parents.  She also still wears diapers.  For all her expenses, it is usually around $106 per week!  This does not include medical visits, clothing, free time/outings, shoes, toys, therapy materials, birthdays and Christmas gifts.

As you can see, Hope currently only has 2 Rainbow Sponsors.  Let’s fill up the colors of her rainbow and help provide for this baby girl!  If you’re interested in sponsoring Hope, please visit her page at The Ark House blog!  Sponsorship is $37 US dollars per month.  That is going out to eat one time folks!

On behalf of The Ark House and Hope,
Thank you and may God bless you!

DIY Valentine Cards & Valentine Banner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Above is a combo of the kids’ two valentines that I put together and printed for their valentines.  The best part is that everything was free, except for the tiny pack of m&m’s I taped to the backs of the cards!

First, I printed out mustaches and glued them to sticks I already had (left over from the pinwheels I made for their birthday party).  I found the perfect mustache on google images, but noticed it was a little lighter in color than I wanted.  So, I printed, cut out, then went over them with a big, fat sharpie marker to make them darker.

We then had a little photo session in the backyard in front of the brick wall.  It seriously took all of 5 minutes.  I loaded the pics into my design program and cut them out with my “cut out tool”.  Original huh?  I wanted it to look like they were standing in front of the chalk board, so I put them in front of a chalk board JPEG I found online (also google images).  The, added my chalk board art message.  I saved as a JPEG, printed, and cut out!  Then, taped little baggies of m&ms to the back (which I didn’t snap a picture of….sorry!)

A few days ago, I decided to make a banner for the breakfast room.  My parents are coming this weekend to visit and it’s my mom’s birthday.  We’re going to have a little party for her and I thought this valentine banner could double for party decorations.

I had almost everything I needed for this banner: string, burlap, 2 types of fabric + 1 type of red fabric, and white paper doilies.  I made myself a banner template on card stock and traced around it on the burlap and fabric.

I sort-of just eye-balled it on the doilies and streamers.  I alternated the streamer colors and tied them in between the banners…making sure they were uneven and not perfect.  ;)  I love how they started to unravel when I was putting them on.

I’ll be sure to post pics of the birthday party next week!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  It’s one of my favorite holidays.  I have one word….no, three…..


I heart y’all!

31 days of forgiveness :: a book review & giveaway

I could not be more proud of my friend, Tracie! Today is the day that her new book releases!  I thought it would be the perfect day to tell you about her book and the little giveaway that is coming along with the release!

Before I stared 31 days of forgiveness {through the eyes of grace}, I honestly thought I had it all together in the ‘forgiveness’ department.  And what does God usually do when you think you have it all together in a certain department?  Ha!  That’s right, plows you over.  Levels you out.  I could talk about the subject of forgiveness and how it’s played a part in my life for days, but I wanted to share a little about how Tracie’s book changed me.  I found myself nodding and saying ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ throughout the whole book.  Through Tracie’s spirit led words, things were brought to my mind that I hadn’t thought of in years that I needed to forgive about and work through.  This book with forever change you…opening up your eyes to things and opening up your heart to a new understanding of God’s forgiveness and God’s way of forgiving.

Forgiveness is a process that we all too often misunderstand.  I want everyone to have the experience I had from reading this book — the experience of God’s grace whispering the truth.  The truth about forgiveness….

That forgivness is an act of faith.  That forgiving doesn’t mean that an act is ok.  That forgiveness is a gift and it’s filled with God’s amazing grace.

So, hop on over to Tracie’s blog and read about her BOOK RELEASE!!!!

Leave a comment AND hop over and leave a comment on Tracie’s blog and be entered to win ALL of these items:

(1) note pads from Day Spring
(2) a copy of 31 days of forgiveness
(3) this cute owl pillow from buttonbird designs 

You can be entered again if you post about 31 days of forgiveness on FB, Twitter, and/or Instagram!  Just leave a comment and let me know!

I also wanted to add the coolest part of it all!  All proceeds from this book go to —

“Today, nearly one-third of the world’s language groups, representing 350 million people, are still waiting for God’s Word in a language they can understand clearly.  The Seed Company enables you to support local Bible translators as they make God’s message available in the language of their people.”

Isn’t that awesome!  I’m so proud of you, Tracie and can’t wait to give this book as gifts!