I have a heart for orphans.

I am a professional photographer in Birmingham, AL.

I love my church, Church of the Highlands.

I’ve moved 8 times since getting married, but only lived at 4 different addresses.  Try to figure that one out.

I love just being.  Just being with my kids.  Being a mom. Teaching and doing crafty things with the kids. I’m certain that of all the things God calls me to do, just being the shepherd of my children’s hearts is my number one calling.

I’ve felt what it’s like to have plenty and I’ve felt what it’s like to have nothing.  What I’ve learned is that nothing to me is a lot to someone else and Jesus is all I really need.

Our family has experience miraculous emotional, mental, and physical healing first hand.  Among those and in particular my son was anointed on June 22, 2011 and was healed completely and instantly.

I don’t cook.  My husband cooks every night because he loves to cook and wants to.

All I ever want to be is a mom…with lots of kids.  I love big families.

I love being pregnant and the whole labor and delivery process.  I get chills when I enter the labor and delivery part of the hospital.  I feel very alive there.

I’m slightly obsessed with the beach, but I’m a total beach snob. I’d rather be at the Beaches of South Walton than a tropical island.  My husband says I’m “in my element and something about me changes” when I’m there.  He’s right.

A few other things that bring me joy are fresh flowers, elastic band jeans, my husband’s dimple, and the sound of my kids’ giggles from the other room.

Despite the perfect parties pictured here and the neat little instagram squares, I’m a mess.  A wreck on the reg that needs Jesus like there is no tomorrow. Perhaps that’s why I love to post tidy little squares that show nothing but amazing – because those are things I can control.  Or can I…….

Last, learning that control is a complete and utter illusion.