Shepherd’s Birth

While pregnant, John Taylor and I read the book Supernatural Childbirth which is a biblical and spiritual look at conception, pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Together with scripture and prayer, we declared what we were believing for this pregnancy and childbirth. It was already a supernatural conception as we both believed we wouldn’t have another biological child.  During our semi annual 21 days of prayer and fasting, we said the conception prayer included in the book and on the 21st day of the fast, our fourth conception took place. Below in bold and quotations are our declarations and prayers that were typed out on cards for our pregnancy and supernatural childbirth along with amazing photographs that we will cherish forever.  Happy Birthday, Shepherd Lee!  You are our 4th miracle!

“The Word of God says in 1 John 4:18 that fear has torment but perfect love casts our fear. Now, God is love (John 4:16) the Bible says, and I have God, so fear must go!”


“God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7
I can conquer fear in Jesus’ name with faith and God’s Word.”


“Father, I come before You in the mighty name of Jesus and the covenant of blood, and I rebuke fear and doubt and unbelief.  Fear must go from me in Jesus’ name. I trust in the Lord; I will not fear. I will not be afraid. I have the mind of Christ and the peace of God. My mind and body, as well as my Spirit, are relaxed and at peace. I refuse to let my heart be troubled or afraid.”


“Body, I speak to you to be at peace, relax, and rest. Muscles, nerves, be at peace. I rest in faith in God’s Word and thank You, Father, for total and complete peace and confidence….”

I had gone into preterm labor at 33.5 weeks, been on bed rest for 4 weeks, experienced prodromal labor for what seemed like an eternity, and was finally admitted on October 7, 2015 around 5:00 pm.  I was experiencing contractions, like I had been for weeks, and they admitted me due to the fact that my water bag was bulging.  My water broke on it’s own that night at 11:20 pm. We were believing for a fast labor and delivery and I thought things would kick into high gear during the night, but they didn’t.  God gave me such a peace though and told me to rest.  It was like I kept hearing Him whisper that I was to trust Him because this was all part of His plan. I was even able to sleep a little.  My active labor started the next morning around 9:25 am.

“We pray for the medical professionals we are involved with that they have a mind of Christ and wisdom of God concerning our family and this baby. The eyes of God understanding be opened to You, Father, lead and guide them how to care for me/my husband by Your Spirit. I say we have favor with them, that they are cooperative with us and what we are doing, that all is well and peaceful and under control in Jesus’ name.”

It was very clear the next morning why my labor hadn’t progressed any during the night.  God hears our prayers and my favorite nurse came into work at 7 am to be my nurse.  Her name – Catherine Marie – my exact name.  A seasoned nurse who LOVES to help woman go natural and was full of natural childbirth wisdom. Such an answer to prayer.  I’m so thankful for her and her knowledge.  If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to do it….

My doctor (who was AMAZING!), came by and told me to walk the halls to get things going….


“This pregnancy will be full duration, full term. You said will not cast my young or miscarry and the number of my days You would fulfill. Thank You that you bless the fruit of my womb. My baby is covered in my womb. You said numerous times in the Bible that You formed and fashioned our baby in the womb and at just the right time You will separate my baby from my womb and carry him/her gently from my womb. I will give birth to a healthy, whole baby, a child whose heart is toward God and Your promise….”




“The Lord , Most High, is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord, El Shaddi, is the strength of my life…”


At this point, I’m experiencing no pain and I was even smiling some.  I am so thankful for John Taylor.  He was amazing and every time I utter negative words, he spoke life and truth over me and encouraged me.  This was so huge and brings tears to my eyes to think about.  After everything we have been through together the past 5 years, this was our major redemption and healing.  God told me during pregnancy that this baby brought healing and that is why we chose to name him Shepherd Lee.  Lee means “healer”.

“Father, I declare over this precious one, as I do over all my family, that we are healed by the stripes of Jesus. No sickness, no plague, no evil can come upon us. Your angels have charge over us and keep us in all our ways and lift us up lest we dash our foot against a stone. Just like all the ladies of faith in the Bible, I will give birth to a healthy baby. I declare health, wholeness, soundness, spirit, soul, and body from head to the bottom of feet.”



“Father, as I look forward to the delivery of my sweet baby, having enjoyed a blessed pregnancy, I thank you in advance for Your Word, Your blessings, Your peace, Your presence, and Your divine intervention. I pray and confess that my body and my baby will cooperate with perfect, super natural delivery, that there will be no problems of any kind. I also believe and declare that my labor and delivery will be quick, short, easy, and painless…”


At this point, my nurse told me to do pelvic tilts up against the wall to help get baby in a better position.  My contractions were a couple minutes a part and not intense yet.



“Believing God for: John Taylor’s help, patience, love, encouragement, adoration, prayer, and shared confidence during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and Baby’s first weeks of life.”


“Baby, in Jesus’ name, you move and place yourself in perfect position for birth: head first, not breech, and face down. You rotate properly as God intended you to. I command the cord to be in proper position as well. Baby, you function perfectly during this time. I have perfect peace and I am relaxed. All fear must go and stay gone for I have God, who is perfect love and casts out fear. My body will not be tense. I speak specifically to all the parts of my body to come in line with God’s Word and will….”

My nurse then encouraged me to lay on my side and do a variation of the side-lying release and THIS my friends is what kicked things into HIGH gear, sending me from 6 cm to transition in a matter of minutes!





“Father, I believe at the proper time for delivery my uterus will do its job and being to push my baby down the birth canal and out into our loving arms and lives. I command my cervix to dilate fully to 10 cm, to be elastic and stretch without causing any complications or pain. Accommodate the birth of my baby. Furthermore, I declare in Jesus’ name that I will not tear…I will have a short, easy, pain free labor and delivery in Jesus’ name.”





At this point, I wanted to labor on my knees on the bed because I could tell things were starting to get intense and I knew I wanted to deliver on all fours. I didn’t know what to expect, and I felt like it could be really soon.  I started doubting myself at this point and letting fear creep in.  I started to cry in between contractions because I felt them getting closer together and I wasn’t experiencing a break in them. I was doing so well up to this point with my breathing and I was upset that I couldn’t stay on top of them because they were coming at me so fast.  John Taylor and Jana were so amazing at encouraging me.  It seemed as though things were starting to get crazy in the room with lots of people entering and running around, which made me nervous.  I remember wondering if they knew something I didn’t.


 I heard the nurse pick up the phone and tell Dr. Meck to start walking over and I lost it! I felt like I was losing all control at this point. My hands and feet started tingling and I was feeling like I was going to pass out, except I couldn’t pass out even if I wanted to because of those dang contractions that were now every minute and a minute long!


Everything started happening so fast at this point.  I hit transition a few minutes before and started demanding help because I was so fearful of passing out.  She put oxygen on me and that helped.  I lost all control, which is the part I wasn’t prepared for at all.  I had heard I would lose all control, but no one can actually prepare of this type of control loss.  I can’t even describe it in words. It’s like something takes over your body.  I wanted it to be over. I still would not call this “pain”, although I can see why people do call it painful. I let fear completely take over and that is where it all went downhill.  I started ripping off my gown.  I guess I thought I was going somewhere!  I’m not really sure. I started telling them to get me an epidural and crying out to John Taylor although it seemed as though everyone had disappeared.  My nurse started begging me to let her check me.  She could tell I was complete, but I wouldn’t let her touch me and scrambled away every time she tried!  It was probably quite comical!

dsc_5555 dsc_5550 dsc_5548 jrod-37

“Believing God for: The Lord’s presence in our labor and delivery room. The Holy Spirit to move and speak through me in my moaning, groaning, tears, and prayers.”


11:36 am. I didn’t even have to push. I’m convinced “pushing” is something you have to do when you can’t feel your body from the neck down.  My body did everything for me.  And just when I didn’t think I could endure any longer, I had this feeling of pressure come over me.  I couldn’t deny it or fight it any longer. I told my nurse she could check me and with a laugh she said, “I don’t have to, I see the baby’s head!” and with that, I remember thinking I had to get this baby out NOW!


“Believing God for: super natural strength.”

With one contraction the head was out. With the next contraction, the body. And just like that, within two contractions, our baby was born.


“Believing God for: Baby to be born no more than 2.5 weeks before his/her due date. For baby to be between 6 and 7 pounds and have a head full of dark hair.”

On October 8, 2015, exactly 1 week before my due date, Shepherd Lee was born.  He weighed exactly 7 pounds (God has such a sense of humor, doesn’t He!) and had a head full of dark hair!


dsc_5597 dsc_5595-copy



jrod-42 jrod-43

dsc_5612 dsc_5617 dsc_5621

I screamed “Oh my God. Oh my God”, crying out to God with each contraction and my mom said she heard that with two “Oh my God”s, she knew the baby was here!

jrod-48 jrod-49 jrod-50 jrod-51 jrod-52

Natural childbirth was seriously the craziest, most amazing experience of my life.  We are incredibly blessed at how every single one of our prayers for our pregnancy, labor, delivery, and afterbirth were answered. I did not include all the verses and prayers on our prayer cards, but I will be glad to share them if you’d like.  I stand in awe at the power of prayer and the tongue.  I could go on and on.  God is so good!  Thank you, Jesus, for this indescribable gift.  Thank You for Your favor, protection, and covering over our family.

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Believing God for: For God and His power to be shown and glorified to many through Baby’s birth story that was accomplished through our faith in God’s Word and promises.”


Thank you, Lord, for the healing that our family has received in the past two years. Thank you for John Taylor and the healing in our marriage and family.  We are blessed beyond measure, overflowing with joy.  Shepherd, you are special.  God told me you would lead many and that is why we named your Shepherd.  You bring such joy to our family.  I’ve never seen Daddy, Jack and Meme love like I see them love you.


photography and video by jRod photography