#celebratejackandmeme {hashtag party}


This year’s party is perhaps the last time we’ll have a joint birthday party for the kids.  It was so much fun while it lasted and we went out with a bang, creating their very own hashtag! That sort of became the theme for the whole party. There was a photo booth backdrop with mustaches and lips so everyone could take pictures and use the hashtag on social media!

dscf6238 dscf6243

The kids got to paint their very own chalkboard and take it home with them!

dscf6254 dscf6294 dscf6292 dscf6257 dscf6259 dscf6278 dscf6228 dscf6224 dscf6220 dscf6263 dscf6270 dscf6275 dscf6284 dscf6286 dscf6295 dscf6312 dscf6320 dscf6331 dscf6352 dscf6356 dscf6372 dscf6377 dscf6399 dscf6411 dscf6445 dscf6442 dscf6429