31 days of forgiveness :: a book review & giveaway

I could not be more proud of my friend, Tracie! Today is the day that her new book releases!  I thought it would be the perfect day to tell you about her book and the little giveaway that is coming along with the release!

Before I stared 31 days of forgiveness {through the eyes of grace}, I honestly thought I had it all together in the ‘forgiveness’ department.  And what does God usually do when you think you have it all together in a certain department?  Ha!  That’s right, plows you over.  Levels you out.  I could talk about the subject of forgiveness and how it’s played a part in my life for days, but I wanted to share a little about how Tracie’s book changed me.  I found myself nodding and saying ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ throughout the whole book.  Through Tracie’s spirit led words, things were brought to my mind that I hadn’t thought of in years that I needed to forgive about and work through.  This book with forever change you…opening up your eyes to things and opening up your heart to a new understanding of God’s forgiveness and God’s way of forgiving.

Forgiveness is a process that we all too often misunderstand.  I want everyone to have the experience I had from reading this book — the experience of God’s grace whispering the truth.  The truth about forgiveness….

That forgivness is an act of faith.  That forgiving doesn’t mean that an act is ok.  That forgiveness is a gift and it’s filled with God’s amazing grace.

So, hop on over to Tracie’s blog and read about her BOOK RELEASE!!!!

Leave a comment AND hop over and leave a comment on Tracie’s blog and be entered to win ALL of these items:

(1) note pads from Day Spring
(2) a copy of 31 days of forgiveness
(3) this cute owl pillow from buttonbird designs 

You can be entered again if you post about 31 days of forgiveness on FB, Twitter, and/or Instagram!  Just leave a comment and let me know!

I also wanted to add the coolest part of it all!  All proceeds from this book go to http://theseedcompany.org —

“Today, nearly one-third of the world’s language groups, representing 350 million people, are still waiting for God’s Word in a language they can understand clearly.  The Seed Company enables you to support local Bible translators as they make God’s message available in the language of their people.”

Isn’t that awesome!  I’m so proud of you, Tracie and can’t wait to give this book as gifts!


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