overwhelmed & my life in instagrams

Hi!  I sat down tonight to finish Part 8 and I couldn’t do it.  I’m overwhelmed right now and I couldn’t get my thoughts together.  So much on my mind.  See, the thing about this process is that while I’m writing about happenings from a year ago, I’m currently going through things I want to share.  It’s a struggle.  No time to blog it all and I haven’t been able to tie in today’s happenings with our story…..

Tonight, I just want to share what’s going on now.  I’m feeling so overwhelmed by Part 8.  Prayers are welcomed and appreciated.  Prayers also for my kids who are both getting over strep.  :(  Bless their hearts.  I’m praying they are much better tomorrow.

What’s been happening lately…..

I’m part of a small group this semester called Heavenly Homes.  Love.It.  It’s for moms.  It’s teaching us how to have an intimate relationship with the Lord first, our husbands second, and how to create a peaceful and harmonic home for our families.  I’m absolutely loving it.  I leave there so full of wonderful insights and information.  Our leader, Joanne, is blogging about our small group sessions if you want to check them out.  She posts about them every Tuesday!  You can find her blog here:  www.onlyafewthingsmatter.blogspot.com

I’m also attending a LIFE group.  L.I.F.E. — Living In Freedom Everyday.  It’s a healing and restoration small group that lasts 12 weeks and ends with a retreat.  I’m really growing in this group, as well as I’m being healed and restored…..from things I didn’t even realize I needed healing and restoration for until this group.  It’s amazing! 

I’m not leading a small group this semester.  For reasons why, see above.

I desperately want/wanted a baby.  If you’re friends with me in life, read my blog or follow me on Pinterest, you know this already.  I text about it, pin beautiful nurseries, talk about it, and was recently caught telling someone who I wanted a baby so bad I could taste the prenatal vitamins.  I’m serious, it was bad…..like I even felt my milk let down a few times.  Yes, that bad.  But, I’m so at peace now.  A couple of days ago I finally felt like I was really, in truly at peace with the fact that it’s just not *our time* to have another baby….yet.  I know there is a plan and it isn’t exactly parallel with our plans.  I can’t see the bigger picture now, but hopefully I can look back one day and say,“Oh….so that’s why I didn’t need a baby during that season!” 

In other news, I’m in need of advice about a 4 year old who seems to be outgrowing his afternoon nap?  He won’t go to sleep anymore, just gets up and plays.  The rule is he can stay in his bed or play quietly in his room.  But, he never goes to sleep….UNLESS we get in the car to go somewhere.  Half a mile down the road and he’s out!  If we stay home he is SO cranky by dinner time.  Moms, help!

I’m on Instagram now!  I’m ‘catdmoore’ if you want to follow.  If you already follow, you’ve seen my life in Instagram.  If you don’t, here is what you’re missing.  😉

1. birthday party
2. books
3. boots as cliff for cars
4. bubble bath!
5. 1st Wednesday
6. “Mmmm, this coffee good!”
7. Gigi’s cupcakes
8. “…look how pretty”
9. picked out own outfit
10. Ella & Audrey
11. editing
12. mini me golf
13. honeymoon.  hot….like boyband hot
14. monkies caught
15. loves
16. waiting on paw-paw
17. road trip
18. cool playground
19. ponytail?  can’t handle it!
20. homemade racing ramp
21. BFF’s
22. shrimp
23. working
24. DIY

Are you on Instagram?  If so, let me know!  I’d love to follow you.  Happy Valentine’s Day! :)


  1. shauna fisher says:

    I love instagram! I’m not on there.. maybe I should be? Super post too. I love everything you write! Prayers for finishing your series.. you are helping so many people! Not just people with similar problems but people with problems in general! Setting an example to share your feelings and problems is an example to live up to- for the rest of us! :) love to you!

  2. Im on instagram as well and love it-amw211