DIY Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

I originally saw this idea on the anderson crew blog, here.  I hope emily agrees that being a copy-cat is the highest form of flattery.  😉

When I read “easiest DIY ever”, I figured I could handle it.  How could I screw this up, right?  Only 1 child got burned by the hot glue gun and they turned out super cute.  I call that a Valentine success!

We each have one!  The supplies were super cheap and simple.  The little mailboxes came from Target.  They were $1 each and we already had one.  The candlestick holders came from goodwill and were $1 each.

I’m really bad about taking before and during photos, but it was really simple to make.  The candlestick holders were brass before.  I spray painted them black with spray paint I already had.  I glued mailboxes on top and cut out scrap book paper letters.  The scrap book paper I already had, too.

Since we were being all crafty, I decided to make a lesson out of it, too.  We made pointillism art Valentine Day cards.  Can you tell who made which?  :)

Liz (far right) did a really good job of listening, but got tired of doing pointillism very quickly, as you can see.  Taz decided to march to the beat of his own drum, like always, and make his own design.  I think it turned out beautiful!

I also love the other card he made.  He wanted to place these hearts just so….

What are your plans for St. Valentine’s Day?  :)


  1. Jennifer_StudioJRU says:

    Oh so cute! I remember a pointillism class… I got tired too! lol Beautiful cards! :)

  2. I love these! Really cute idea!

    We have soccer practice on V-day…but I do have plans for a strawberry cake and homemade pretzels…we’ll see how those turn out!

  3. Tara Lowry says:

    part 8 will come to you when it’s supposed to. :)
    I hate writer’s block and being overwhelmed. praying for you.

    about the naps….we had to let Lydia’s go this year, too.
    She was ill at first, but eventually it went away.

    Now, she does great and we are able to put her down earlier! :)

    But oh how hard the days are until it gets easier!!


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