‘Celebrate’ Joint Birthday Party

Having a joint birthday party for the kids was the best idea!  It turned out so cute, it was less stressful (for me and traveling family), it costs less, and everyone had a blast!  I am going to do the joint birthday party thing for as loooong as I can!  It seriously was so much fun.  Planning it was too.  I decided against any certain “theme” and just decided to celebrate our kids.  It became the ‘Celebrate’ party.  I picked a color scheme first and then designed the invite.  I had just made the kids’ shillouettes (tutorial coming soon) and thought what better way to celebrate them than have their profiles on the invite!  It sort-of became a reoccurring theme for the party and I loved it!


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The party was in our backyard in the late afternoon and the weather was absolutely beautiful!


I covered the table with white craft paper added cans full of crayons so the kids could draw on the paper.

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John Taylor made colorful little benches for the table.  The best part is I’m going to use them in the playroom around a little table!


I used the silhouettes on the cupcake toppers, too.  John Taylor made the colorful cupcake trays!

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The party favor was bubbles.  I thought it was perfect for a backyard celebrate party.


We have this cute little metal stand on our back porch.  It served a great purpose and I added pictures of the kids from the past year in the glass cabinet.

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You know how much I love burlap.  I painted large polka dots on the table cloth to mix it up from years past and years to come.  🙂  I made the stencil myself using the top to one of our pots.



I could kick myself for not getting a picture of the whole table!  These tissue poms were hanging above it.


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Invite: designed by me
Benches: Kiwi Wood Werks
Cupcake trays: Kiwi Wood Werks
Cupcake toppers: designed and printed by me
Bubbles: Dollar Store
Bubble labels: designed and printed by me
Drink bucket: Walmart
Birthday banner: made by my friend, Megan
Burlap bunting: made by my friend, Megan
Tissue poms: made by me, tissue bought at various stores
Kids’ t-shirts: Little House Tees

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