A Thank You & My Faves

I wasn’t able to post my faves over the weekend, but there are some good ones that I just couldn’t go without sharing with y’all!  Also, a little note to my Stinker. :)

Dear my little Buddy,
I refuse to think about the fact that you’re 3 years old now.  But, I want to thank you for giving me hugs and kisses without me asking.  For asking me to sing You Are My Sunshine ever night before bed.  That’s our song.  And then for asking me to sing the song that they play during the credits on Finding NemoSomewhere Beyond The Sea.  And then the song from Cars.  And then the song from Monsters Inc.  And then the song from Toy Story.  I’m quite the performer because of you!  When I sit down and rest my head in my hand and close my eyes after a long day, thank you for coming up to me and asking, “You ok?  What’s wrong?” .  That is so sweet and it makes me long days all worth it.  Thank you for worrying about your little sister when she’s crying.  Thank you for coming in my bathroom while I’m showering with your play tool box and “fixing” the shower door while I’m in there.  I really appreciate your handiness around the house. 😉  Thank you for being SO particular when you eat and insisting that we wipe up even the slightest bit of yogurt gets on the side of your plate.  This great attention to detail will certainly pay off in the future.  Thank you for saying hey to Nemo, Dory, Bruce and all the other fish every time we go over the water on the way to Paw-Paw’s house.  Thank you for also saying bye-bye to Nemo every time you flush the toilet.  Thank you for calling us into your room at least 5 times every night before actually falling asleep because you need to go potty one.more.time. or you need a tiny sip of water or you need me to close the door or you need me to fix your blanket or sing another medley of Disney Pixar songs.  We love the extra time we get to spend with you because of this.  If you add it up, it’s at least 15 more minutes!  (wink wink)  Thank you for asking for “french fries” when we go through any and every drive thru window —– the pharmacy, the bank….
Thank you for knowing which road goes to Paw-Paw’s house no matter where we are in town and thank you for kicking and screaming if I don’t in fact turn that way.  I need to be reminded of the fact that his house is really the only place that we should be going on an outing.  But most of all, thank you for being so sweet and smart and cute.  You are my sunshine.  :)

My favorite posts from this past week:?
Great post!  Love her ideas.
Touched me. 
I love this beautiful master bedroom make-over!  She has wonderful taste and is not even a decorator!  And, extra admiration for having 7 kids and having such a beautiful bedroom and for having the time to even spend time on a room for herself. 
I saved the best for last and I’m NOT kidding!  Oh.My.Word.  This party has got to be the cutest party I’ve ever seen.  My goodness at the details!  You are going to be amazed!  These girls must be pretty special and I’m sure they had the time of their lives at this party.  It sure does look like it’s cool to be seven!  😉


  1. Okay, it's the middle of the afternoon and I'm still the first to comment!!! there really are no words for the kid's camping party–over the top for sure!You are famous my friend—you're on over at Design Dazzle!

  2. So sweet! Aren't the little things they do so darn cute?! I saw your boy's nursery featured on Design Dazzle! Way to go, girl!