Day 16 {prayer outline 1}

Today’s post goes along with my last post and is a collection of prayer outlines. I hope that you find these as useful as I do!

The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)
Our Father in Heaven
     God loves for us to worship Him as a Father. Begin your prayer time by establishing your intimate relationship with God the Father and thank Him for making a way to know Him through His Son, Jesus.

Hallowed be Your Name
The power of prayer comes through the names of God. Worship Him as our Righteousness, our Sanctifier, our Healer, our Banner of Victory over the enemy, our Shepherd, our Peace, our Counselor, and our Provider.

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
The focus here is His agenda over ours. God’s Kingdom coming means the establishment of His rule and His will in every area of our lives. Pray for His Kingdom and will to be done on earth.

Give us today our daily bread
Now the focus is on our needs. Thank Him for His daily provision in your life and offer to Him your personal prayer needs.

Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors
Take time for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind anyone you need to forgive and then forgive them and release them to the Lord. Thank God for His continuous forgiveness in your life which empowers you to forgive others.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one
Now the focus of prayer is on spiritual warfare. Pray for protection for you and your family and put on the whole armor of God. (Ephesians 6:14-17)

For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
Return to worship and exalt God as Ruler and King. Thank Him in advance for answered prayer.


A Covenant of Forgiveness Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father,
It is my choice today before God and man to affirm my covenant to forgive _________. I forgive him/her for the offense which he/she brought against me and thus caused in my life. I forgive him/her unconditionally for the things he/she did which produced such hut. I drop every charge which I have brought against him/her and every way that I have applied that judgment against God and man. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release him/her from all responsibility for the hurt which his/her behavior provoked in me leaving him/her totally accountable to God, instead I assume all responsibility for my choice to be offended and unforgiving. Heavenly Father, I drop every charge I’ve had against You for permitting this to happen to me and please forgive me for any way that I have blamed You in this offense. I drop every charge I’ve brought against myself for every wrong attitude, action and reaction associated with my offense. Heavenly Father, as I have forgiven _____________ for the hurt I have experienced, please forgive me of my bitterness, anger and unforgivesness. Holy Spirit, please come and heal my thoughts, my emotions, and my memories from all the damage and defilement caused by my offense. Thank you, Father, for my healing.

Action Guide for Healing
I realize that if I am to walk in close fellowship with the Lord and have a pure heart before men, every hurt with it’s resulting defilement must be thoroughly healed. Because I choose healing for my life, I will……

  1. admit to myself and to God that there are unresolved hurts in my heart.
  2. give up the right to blame those who have provoked offense in me, choosing instead to assume ownership of my offense.
  3. confess to a responsible and spiritually wise person the presence of these hurts and my intention to address them by the healing power of God.
  4. pray the prayer of forgiveness for each person who has hurt me, specifically addressing each harmful memory of this experience.
  5. begin to immediately implement the following steps to cement healing and to restore fellowship with my offender:

Renounce all negative feelings toward him/her.
Receive him/her as he/she is.
Restore him/her to my personal favor.
Rejoice about him/her in and out of his/her presence.
Respond to him/her in a loving and Godly fashion.
Resist the devil in behalf of our relationship
Rest in the Lord.

Tomorrow….more prayer outlines…..

Day 14 {praying God’s word}

praying gods word


We’re on Day 14 and we’re still on our negativity fast, right? 😉 We’ve discovered the power of our words, worked on unresolved sin issues, forgiven, let it go, learned the importance of letting our Spirit man take the lead, learned the impact of God’s word in our lives, and how our now plays a part in the bigger picture which is our significant mode. What’s next? I wouldn’t call it next as much as I would always. But, it’s the next post in my series and it deserves several. So, I’ll try to cram it all into one.

“Our success in life will depend on knowing the word of God and being able to rightly divide its truths. We must push past the milk stage of depending on others to tell us what the bible says about our circumstances, and come into the fullness, the meat stage where we know what God says for ourselves. To the extent that we are ignorant of the Word, the enemy will have victory over us.” (Church of the Highlands, LIFE workbook)

Reading the word daily requires discipline, but if we desire to read the word daily and we discipline ourselves to do so, it will become our greatest delights. Not only that, but it will give us prayers! When we read God’s word, it becomes written on our hearts and even if we *think* we’ve forgotten what we’ve read, the Holy Spirit will be faithful to remind us of truths when we’re praying. Praying God’s word over our families, marriages, and jobs is the best way to pray to overcome battles in those areas, cover those areas in protection, and bless those areas of our lives.

The word of God is powerful and alive. The bible says that God’s word is sharper than a double edge sword and it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. How cool is that?! God’s word can speak to me one way and you another, depending on the attitude of our hearts. Not only is God’s word powerful in that way, but powerful in fighting battle. We have God’s word to fight battles in our lives. We all need to first realize that our battles are not against people (flesh and blood), but against the rulers and authorities of this world in the heavenly realms. It’s very simple – if you want more power and life change in your life, make His word a priority in your life. The word hasn’t lost its power; we have just stopped having faith that the word still holds true. Somewhere along the way, people starting thinking God’s word is void now because we live in modern times.

“The word ‘Spirit’ is pneuma in the Greek, and it means ‘the presence or breath of God.’ The bible is not just a bunch of words in a book that you can learn to make things better; but instead, they are words that have the power to bring about their own fulfillment.” (Church of the Highlands, LIFE workbook)

Isaiah 55:11 says “So it my word that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” This is so cool to me because it screams that praying God’s word over every aspect of our lives helps us fulfill our purpose!

When Mary encountered the angel and learned she would bore a son that would save the world, she responded by saying: “May your word be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38) Let’s have a “Mary response”, praying God’s word over all areas of our lives. Let’s ask for revelation through God’s word so we may believe what God is telling us through His word. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that we will obey what God speaks to us through His word. And, let’s understand that God isn’t looking for our understanding of it, just our obedience. In fact, it usually does not make sense if it’s coming from God and you’ll usually know it’s from God if it goes against what the world says….

Tomorrow’s post will include some prayer outlines!


Day 11 {the word, our now, and how they both impact our purpose}

with credit


The last time I posted (my internet has been out for two days!), it was all about living a life that is led by the Spirit. A big part of that is being in God’s Word so we can hear from God and being in God’s Word is one of the single most important parts of getting to your greater purpose. The other is prayer. They go hand-in-hand. Today I’m writing about being in God’s Word daily (and what that looks like for us) and tomorrow about Praying God’s Word.

Everyone longs for purpose. It is programmed in us. God’s Word is alive. It speaks to everyone differently. God wants you to get to know Him so you can hear from Him. He wants to reveal your purpose to you. You are His beloved child, He is for you, He has something for you, and He wants you to live a full, blessed life. He tells us in His Word that He has come so that we may have life and have it to the fullest!

With that being said… mothers, we know how hard it can be hard to make time to read the Bible. If you’re anything like me, you complicate this. I’m an extremist and I love God; I feel like His love is so extravagant that my bible reading time should look extravagant, too! I feel like it should be set aside time that consists of several minutes of worship, a whole chapter reading, and even more prayer time…and that is all without one single interruption or distraction. With small kids, that sort of Kumbaya worship, reading, and prayer time just doesn’t seem possible on a daily basis. Can anyone relate? Sadly, I tend not have any time at all for God in my day when I felt like I can’t set aside the time and do it properly.

God knew it would be this way! Did you know that He sort-of gave us an out? There is a whole chapter in Isaiah; all about God’s comfort for His people. It’s a great chapter, but perhaps my favorite part is where it says “He gently leads those that have young…”

Stop beating yourself up! God’s judgment is different from we think. We have to stop thinking of God as the big man upstairs, looking down on us, just waiting for us to screw up! He is our Sheppard. When a Sheppard leads his flock, he is beside them, looking over them, but out to them! God is like that with us – He comes along side us in our issues. Although being in the Word daily is a big part of growing in your relationship with the Lord and discovering your purpose, here are a few things that we need to remember when it comes to our time in the Word:

— Perfection is our enemy. Perfection tells us that if we let ourselves off the hook for something, we’re lazy and not good enough – but the opposite is God’s way and His yoke is easy and His burden is light. You don’t have to be perfect. In fact, only God is perfect and it’s His perfect love that proves that we aren’t lazy and we are enough.

— Comparison is the thief of joy. This one is HUGE! We are constantly looking at social media and seeing other mom’s best moments. All the while, we’re covered in spit up, our kids are fighting, and haven’t showered in days. STOP COMPARING! Some of my proudest moments as a mom were when I was fasting social media. I felt so content.

— Stop believing the lie that mommyhood is not part of the greater purpose or THE greater purpose. We all feel like we go unnoticed – and truth is, we probably do. But we don’t. Keep reading….

I’ve heard from so many SAHM’s that they feel worthless after quitting their jobs to stay at home with their babies. They feel lazy because they aren’t getting dressed up and wearing make-up. They feel like they’re getting nothing accomplished because they sit around rocking, holding, nursing a baby or reading, playing, nursing a baby and all.night.long. Here is the problem: Mom’s today measure their worth by their efforts AND recognition. If they work hard cleaning, cooking, using their bodies to feed their babies, they feel like they have nothing to show for it but saggy boobs at the end of the day. No paycheck. No award. No trophy. No hand clap, high-five, or pat on the back. This leads to isolation, feelings of worthlessness, frustration, resentment and sometimes even anger. These are lies! All of these things = investments in your children’s lives! Not only that, but God is a part of the life purpose you’re fulfilling. He blessed you with your children! He gave you the role of their mother because He saw YOU fit!

God doesn’t want you to be good as much as He just wants you to BE. Look where you are now. Being a wife and mommy is severing those you love. Once we start to realize that the treasures of today are treasures, we being to experience the stress being lifted and that produces peace and rest. A beautiful quote….

“I succumbed to viewing diaper changes and meal preparation as dull, monotonous duties rather than God-given appointments to bless those around me. During my mommy-ing years, I begged for a meaningful, heroic role and missed out on the purposefulness of what was before me every single day.”  (Katie Brazelton)

Motherhood is one role we play right now that is a part of a bigger purpose. If we change the way you look at our everyday tasks, we will start to find joy in the things that are making a huge impact. Motherhood can actually build our character more than anything! Think about it, what else can cause us to feel as though we are experiencing heaven and hell on earth at the same time? Only motherhood. It stretches us to lengths we never thought possible – literally and figuratively. I think God did that on purpose. I think He chooses women for big roles, but He first gives them the role of mother. Let me put it this way – I think He also chooses women for big roles that are also God-fearing mothers – because He knows they know the true meaning of sacrifice.

In our walk with the Lord to find our greater purpose, our strive is to be more like Christ, and Christ leads gently and doesn’t condemn. So if we wanna be like Christ, let’s go easy on ourselves while we have young. There is plenty of time in the later years to go to 5 bible studies per week, lead a small group, visit the nursing home, and have uninterrupted pray/worship time. Here are some ways we can spend time with God while we are in the trenches of motherhood:

— Put on worship music while you’re showering and pray in the shower.

— Download the Bible app. And read it during free moments throughout your day (when you would be scrolling around on social media).

— Put on worship music in the car and pray in the car.

— Instead of setting aside time to pray for your children before they wake up or after they go to bed, pray OVER them while they are awake!  Let them witness that your hope and trust is in their Heavenly father when it comes to their lives.

— Set alarms on your phone to go off periodically through the day and stop and read your bible app or pray for 2 minutes.

— Write down longer prayers/scripture on index cards and keep them in a stack by your bed, pray/read a few each night/morning before you go to sleep or before you get up.

— Turn on worship music while you’re cooking and let your children see you worshiping God in everyday tasks.

— Read the bible WITH your kids. Sometimes the Jesus Story Book Bible speaks to me more than my adult study bible.

— Embrace the moments of interruption. Some of our sweetest “God conversations” happen when the kids wake up and find me in my chair reading the bible.  It’s still, quiet, and they are ready to ask questions. How sad that I would miss out on those chances to teach them things in God’s word if I didn’t allow them to see God Time in action.

Hope this encourages you, Mamas! Here are a couple of verses to read and pray over yourselves:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by You generous Spirit.” (Psalm 51:10-12)

“Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their ancestors I would give them. Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the instructions Moses gave you. Do not deviate from them, turning either to the right or to the left. Then you will be successful in everything you do. Study the Book of Instructions continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.” (Joshua 1:6-8)