Farrah’s Forever Family

On July 9, 2014 we said yes to a little girl in Maoming China that was once waiting on her forever family.  The term “paper pregnant” really does ring true because pregnant was precisely the exact feeling I had when it was official.  I didn’t know if I should start cleaning the house top to bottom or start hyperventilating about the plane ride across the (GULP) ocean.  If you know me, I opted out of the cleaning and went ahead and googled “can you take a boat to China”.  I then proceeded to reaffirm myself every 27 minutes by telling myself the truth that He doesn’t lead us to one thing to destroy another.  (by the way — you CAN go to China on a boat an apparently people do this all the time.  You can take a freighter and it takes 10 days to get there.  When I exclaimed this wonderful news to JT, he glared at me and stated “I’m NOT bringing my baby home on a freighter!”)  My fear of flying has been overcome with faith in this journey.  Only ONE could write this story and weave it all together so perfectly.  I look forward to watching Him move mountains to get our little girl home.

This is all so new to us, so I don’t know what we can share and what we want to share now.  I do know that we can’t share her photo with you quite yet, but oh my goodness! Get ready.  Hash tag themostbeautifulbabygirlinallofchina  And of course I want to write every single detail here on the blog, but who has time for that when I’m printing, scanning, faxing, emailing, signing, and FedExing 158 documents per day to our adoption agency.

Her name is Farrah.  And she is ours.  I never knew I could love a child that I never met this much.

Dear Farrah,
I think of you all day and all night.  I pray for you every time I think of you.  Your Daddy and I pray for you together every night.  I saved Beijing time on my phone so I could see what time it is there.  It seems that every time I look at it, you’re sleeping.  I take that to mean that you need my prayers then, so I pray.  I pray for Him to surround you with His mighty warrior angels to guard you and protect you.  I pray for your little heart and for Him to prepare it for the transition that is to come.  I pray for your nannies. I pray an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blessing over you.  I don’t know every little detail about you and for now that is ok. I will have to be satisfied knowing that you love veggies and eggs, but not meat, that you love to color, and that you love the light up toy and plasma car.  I can’t wait to share the story of how our Heavenly Father brought you to us and how I was drawn to your eyebrow furrow because it reminded me of your Daddy’s.  It’s now 2:00 in the afternoon there and you’re probably playing or napping.  It’s 1:00 am here and I need to be in bed.  I don’t sleep much anymore and probably won’t until you’re in our arms.

Your new Mommy,


farrah puzzle IG

Please donate to our PUZZLE fundraiser!  Donate $10 (or amount of your choice) to our fundraiser “donate” button on our sidebar and we’ll write your name on the back of a puzzle piece!  Once it’s complete, we plan to frame it in a double glass frame in Farrah’s room so we can always see the names of the people that helped bring Farrah home!  Thank you and blessings!

Once Upon Our Life 5-31-14


Once a month.  Can’t use iphone.  Only real deal camera.  Our day.  Every hour (just about).  My attempt at documenting the moments of our life…at least once a month.  Since I didn’t get to post last month because I was having problems with my camera, I sort of went over board this month…..

Approximately 9:30 am.  Taking meds because I’ve been sick for days.  Finally feeling better.


10:30 am.  Emailing a prayer to JT that we prayed at the same time since we weren’t in each other’s presence.  We were praying for favor and blessing over a call we were waiting for from our adoption agency.


11:50.  Just got to doctor office.  A little late taking this one, but only because I was driving.  Not a fun pic, but I brought my camera and promised myself I wouldn’t cheat.  ;)


12:30  Lunch time!



1:30.  On our way to post office to mail lots of Sacred Made prints.  Happy mail for lots of happy customers!


Before we left driveway, I decided to stop and smell the roses.  You know, since it’s so highly recommended and they are blooming.


2:40.  Playing together.  Sweetness.  They are BFF’s.


3:30.  Coloring together.  She colored in her My Little Pony book.  He in his Cars book.



5:30.  Snack time.  I have no idea what happened to 4:30. Guess I forgot.  Oops!



6:30 – 7:00.  Playing in the “bike wash” Daddy made out of PVC pipe and the water hose.  Endless fun!






7:30.  Ginger not wanting her picture taken.  ;)


[Oils In The Kit] LAVENDER

[ For a run down of all the oils that typically come in "The Kit" from Young Living, visit my "Medicine Cabinet Makeover" post HERE.  ]

In this post, I’m going over the first oil I ever used – Lavender.  I first used it to treat my son’s allergies.  I rubbed a drop or two behind his ears daily.  For those who don’t know our story, my son was on allergy meds for years.  I did not like giving him those meds every night, especially since is so young.  I thought I’d give the oils a try after hearing so many success stories at the first oil class I attended.   I first thought the oils would just “treat” his allergies in the same way his meds did.  (if he didn’t take his meds every night, you could bet there’d be a allergy attack come morning!)  To my surprise, he eventually didn’t have to use the Lavender anymore and we now use it only when he needs it!  That’s a big praise report in my opinion.  So, how does that happen?  Well, here is a little bit of info on how the oils work.

How the oils work…… Essential oils are the fluids of plants.  The reason the word “essential” is used is because this is what is need and necessary for this plant to LIVE. Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules that are so small they can make their way into every cell and administer therapy at the most fundamental levels of our body.  The oils are different than “cooking” type oils which are very fat and can’t make it into the cell to work.  So, as you can see, the essential oils are are designed to get into these cells.  Essential oils were inhaled, applied topically by people in Biblical times.  God created plants and He knew and intended for their make-up to be vital for healing in our lives.  I firmly believe that these oils are a gift from God.  That is just a fact that I firmly believe.  Now, let’s get to some other interesting facts about the oils….

Each drop of oil contains about 40 million-trillion molecules.  We have 100 trillion cells in our body.  Just one drop of essential oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our body with 40,000 molecules.  That is why it takes so very little of the oils to get huge results.  Let’s go deeper….

Molecules are made up of 3 different compounds:

- Phenols – create conditions where viruses and bacteria can’t live they clean the receptor sites on cells so cells can communicate and illness won’t occur

- Monoterpenes – can reprogram miswritten info in the cellular memory because when you have cell malfunction due to improper coding in DNA, diseases result (such as cancer)

- Sesquiterpenes – deliver oxygen molecules to cells can erase and deprogram miswritten codes in cellular memory thought to be great for fighting cancer (oxygen carried by these molecules create a environment where cancer cells can’t reproduce – one disables and the other stops growth)

All of these work together to get your body where it should be — healthy!

{all facts and info above paraphrased from Monique Mclean, The Lemon Drop Lounge and from Healing Oils of The Bible by David Steward, Ph.D.}

The image below will give you a run down of how to use Lavender and what you can use it for.